Founder and Lead Facilitator

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Brie Doyle has worn many hats that inform her role as your hostess: teacher, yoga teacher, facilitator, tour guide, writer and mom.  Core to her beliefs is that we are each our own greatest teacher so long as we continue to evolve.  Brie’s main objective is to create the causes and conditions for self-discovery.  She believes that while we can absolutely learn and be inspired by one another, our greatest work must be done alone.  She believes that if a woman has a positive shift in consciousness, an entire community benefits.

Brie’s strengths lie in curricular development, skillful facilitation, creating meaningful ritual, and connection with intuition.  A devout meditator and yoga practitioner for nearly twenty years, Brie believes these practice (and like practices) to be at the cornerstone of mental and emotional health.  Based on years of taking solo retreats herself, she has designed a course that will elicit transformation for a woman in any stage of life as she detaches herself from back home and embodies her new surroundings, both internal and external.    

Her greatest wish is that you return home renewed, inspired and able to share your glow with all those around you.