Our Daily Flow

Each day will have the following components: 

  • MOVEMENT--1 gentle flow yoga + 1 additional optional yoga/Pilates/spin, etc.

  • MEDITATION--based on the theme for the day, some meditation will be guided (called "form meditation"), some will not ("formless meditation") There will be guidance for all in the beginning

  • HEART CURRICULUM--this is what makes our retreats unique.  This is where we get into the inner journey of retreat

  • OPEN TIME--this is your chance to read a book or take a surf lesson

  • NUTRITION--we will have delicious, healthy meals together at the resort. For those who desire more space and silence, eating alone is always an option.  We will have one closing celebratory dinner in a town nearby on the beach away from the resort.  Dining off the resort is up to participant discretion.  All meals at the resort are included in your stay.    

  • COMMUNITY--we will gather as a community of women each night after dinner and various media/activities/rituals will be offered.