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"My time in Costa Rica changed my life, all for the better.  Every activity and interaction with Brie during retreat was so intentionally loving and supportive.  What she's created with She Glows Retreats will undeniably have positive ripples for each and every woman who goes - along with their families and their communities - for weeks and years and generations to come."  


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"Brie is truly a brilliant teacher! She thoughtfully designed activities and executed them in ways that touched the core of your being. You will become a whole new person or goddess, take your pick. Brie's retreat is phenomenal. She's pure gold. Thank you so much for your teaching, Brie!"  


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"I find it hard to describe how transformative this experience was. She has touched every woman here in profound ways. I truly believe she could be the next Gary Zukav. She shows us the way, makes it safe by sharing her own vulnerability, and allows us the space to do our own work. Her wisdom is beyond her years and her spunk and sassiness make it very contemporary.   Brie helps us on our path to breakthroughs I didn’t even know I could have."


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"Each day Brie guided us through unexplored layers of ourselves in a way that brought clarity and perspective for every participant.  For me, these days revealed unexpected treasures to take home and integrate into my daily life.  Not only have these new insights been a gift for me, but I am already seeing how they are trickling down to my husband, children and family."


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"I knew I wanted to leave my corporate job, I knew I was on the edge of a new chapter so I took a leap of faith from a Google search and found Brie, not knowing anything about her before. It must have been divine timing. I came feeling lost, but very close to feeling found. The retreat was way more than yoga, it reminded me of the importance of sisterhood as well as my own divine feminine energy, which was masked through excelling in corporate life. What I love most about Brie – other than her amazing methodologies and approaches – is how chill she was. She never felt intimidating or condescending or too "woowoo". She put the framing in real life terms so we could go back to life with lessons, not just memories. I will be back!!!!" 


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"From the very beginning Brie was communicative and available for any questions and expectations. The experience itself was a combo of spiritual growth with individual reflection and also felt a little bit like camp! Brie guided us through this week in a thoughtful and meaningful way.  I left feeling more relaxed, happy with myself and having gained new friendships. I am forever grateful for Brie and the heart she put into this week that I will always value."


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"I came to the retreat because I had been dealing with a significant loss in my life.  I left feeling like a completely different person - stronger, clearer, rested.  I was able to break many bad habits and cleanse myself for a much needed re-set.  Brie is my spiritual teacher.   She is incredibly relatable and has a wonderful balance of possessing a calm, therapeutic aura - as well as being funky, hilarious, and very down to earth.  Brie is extremely well read and challenged me in ways I hadn't been before.  This retreat helped me realize the strengths I had, but never knew."


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"I am a business owner and mom, and I came on retreat because I was feeling depleted.  I was looking for a little quiet and personal restoration, and that is exactly what I got.  Brie was so warm and kind, she created a supportive environment to really reconnect with ourselves.  We met some amazing warrior women, and had a beautiful time doing yoga and exploring our daily Heart Curriculum.  I came home feeling inspired, refreshed, focused and clear on my own goals in life.  I loved it so much, I already booked to come back next year!"


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"Brie is the real deal. She has travelled her own journey of healing and transformation and offers her wisdom with grace and humor. Her skill at facilitating the retreat experience is impeccable. I felt held, seen, and challenged. After my retreat I feel more grounded in myself and connected to my spiritual practice."


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"There is an undeniable power present whenever a group of women gather with purpose. When a quiet sense of intention is allowed to settle in and grab hold, some amazing personal growth and transformative life shifts can take place. Brie embodied the insightful, empathetic and spirited guide that was perfect for navigating our individual and group time throughout this valuable process."


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"I am a busy mother of two little kids and I came on retreat seeking time and space for myself and a place to recharge. After coming home from the retreat, I have made so many small changes to my day-to-day life that have made huge differences in how happy and present I am in my life and with my family. I’m back to enjoying my wonderful family rather than just feeling tired. This was my first retreat and Brie was an amazing guide. Her years of experience with retreats, spirituality, yoga and personal growth are so evident throughout the week. She guided me through a week with many self-discoveries and a greater awareness of myself. This will be my first retreat of many!"


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"Brie is an incredibly talented and gifted retreat leader.  She has an assortment of activities that allow the curious retreater to dabble in a variety of experiences from silence, breath work, dance, sound bath, meditation and masturbation. She schedules in plenty of downtime to explore things on your own and is super flexible if you need time for yourself, but doesn't give you permission to run away from the confronting stuff.  

Her Heart Curriculum truly changed my life at a time when I thought I "was good" but there was so much more deep, personal work waiting for me... and when is there not?  In Costa Rica on retreat with Brie, I had the time and space to really consider how I wanted to live life, what was important to me and how to accept who I was...ENOUGH!"



"Fabulous experience on the Costa Rica retreat with Brie as the teacher, facilitator and guide. She is gifted ... and brings out transformation in others. This was an investment in myself, my family and the universe to be a part of this experience. I highly recommend others explore what's possible with Brie."



"I am so impressed with Brie's ability to genuinely and authentically connect with each and every woman on the retreat. Each person comes in with her own story and her own needs. Yet Brie is somehow able to navigate through each individual dialogue and gracefully lead each one of us on our path. She takes you on an emotional journey that you didn’t even know you needed with both spirituality and endless humor."